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What Matters To You?

As a resident of District 42, It’s all about YOU! I want to know what matters to you so that I can be sure to focus on the issues that will make a difference in your life.

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Listen. Learn. Act.

I believe it’s time to have a representative that will represent ALL of the constituents in District 42. I pledge to LISTEN. LEARN. AND ACT. on behalf of everyone in the region. My goal is to work for everyone, ensuring that no one is ignored, despite differences in political party, idealogy, economic power, culture, or religion. I believe that public servants work for ALL the people and that YOUR interests are what really matters.

As Your Congressional representative, I will work to: 

  • Protect the constitution and our democratic republic
  • Create a thriving and sustainable economy that benefits everyone
  • Reduce taxes for all people, not just the powerful
  • Create and maintain a sustainable environment
  • Protect the Affordable Care Act and take action to ensure affordable health insurance for all
  • Stop gun violence
  • Protect our civil rights
  • Make sure that all lives matter
Thanks for visiting my temporary website! I am just getting my campaign started and will have more updates on this website soon. Please come back to learn more about me, my thoughts on important issues, and how I will represent everyone in CA 42.
Regina Marston

Regina Marston


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