Highways and Byways


Building a Sustainable Infrastructure

“Build, build, build, build. ... We built the transcontinental railroad. We built a thing called the Erie Canal. ... Ladies and gentlemen, we always have to build. That’s who we are.”

Joe Biden


Our country’s entire infrastructure is falling apart, and no significant improvements have been made in decades. We must address our electricity grid, our transportation systems, highways, bridges, and dams, as well as our air and water quality systems. Our region has grown into one of the most popular and most-used logistical hubs in the nation. Our roads are used to transfer goods from some of the country’s busiest ports throughout the country. As our region continues to develop its reputation as one of the most cost-effective transportation corridors in the country, we will need to add lanes to highways, develop new transportation routes, and maintain heavily traveled roads and bridges.

In addition, our region has become an affordable place to live from any who work in Orange or San Diego counties. Many of our residents must commute on some of the heaviest traveled roads in the country. We must focus our resources on developing and maintaining our infrastructure to ensure that our residents have an easy and safe commute, while we build up our local business economy to support our population growth.

As we continue to grow in CA D 42, we must have the water resources that we need to provide clean water. It is imperative that we form alliances with local, state, and federal governments to renegotiate Western water rights in order to meet the demands for the future.


I’ll push forward legislation that will support federal funding for much-needed infrastructure projects in our region to ensure that we get the money we need to address the over-crowded highways, make improvements to our energy and water infrastructure, and work with our western regional representatives to ensure our water rights are protected.

I will bring our infrastructure issues to the forefront of the discussion in Washington, DC, to ensure that our federal tax monies are invested appropriately based on the amount of revenue our region provides to the US Treasury. Our region is a vital transportation corridor for goods traveling across the country. Our national economy depends on these goods and we should be allocated funds for infrastructure needs that are proportionate to the amount of revenue we produce for businesses across the nation.